S.H. Figuarts Vegeta and Goku’s heads pop off and fit perfectly on each other’s bodies!

27th July 12:53 PM

Switching Goku and Vegeta’s faces produce… interesting results.  I want to keep them like this!

26th July 9:53 PM

I impulse bought a S.H. Figuarts Goku and he’s a perfect compliment to Vegeta.  There’s even a height difference between the figures!

26th July 9:50 PM
Anonymous asked: When does The Return of Cooler even happen? Dende is guardian but Gohan isn't a super saiyan? >____>

Do NOT try to make sense of the movies in relation to canon.  Trying to do so will only result in frustration and tears.  Turn off any part of your brain that deals with logic and just go with it.

In Lord Slug, Frieza and Super Saiyans are mentioned but no one’s been to Namek yet, Goku can’t go SSJ but can do Kaioken, and Piccolo is alive… !?!?!

I like to think all of the movies (except BOG) are all connected in their own messed-up AU.

22nd July 9:35 PM
Anonymous asked: A lot of people say Goku's sexist because of the way he 'treats' Chichi like all she can do is cook and wash his clothes, and in the newest movie he said Bulma could get hit so Vegeta could get strong, like saying girls boundaries or whatever don't matter. Thoughts?

I don’t think Goku is necessarily sexist.  He’s just a jerk who is so lost in his own thoughts, desires, and feelings that he often doesn’t take other people into account (men and women) even when they are obviously upset.  He has this assholish behavior the ENTIRE SERIES (linked are only a few examples out of many).  Goku is a very literal-thinking person who sees a problem and seeks solutions regardless of the ethics behind said solutions.  He isn’t evil because he doesn’t intentionally hurt other people, but that doesn’t mean he’s not a jerk.  It was tolerable and even cute and amusing when he was a kid.


We tend to let little kids get away with more because they’re still learning basic social skills while developing their emotional intelligence and empathy.  They have a lot to learn!

But when he’s an adult and still behaving like this, I just want to smack him. 




^ I love Goku, but this was very satisfying. ^ The guy deserved to be smacked 100 times over during the series because of some of the crap he said/pulled.

But I think this behavior is a big part of his character.  While in some ways he gets older and more mature, in other ways, he NEVER grows up.  It wouldn’t be Goku if he wasn’t bluntly and unapologetically saying unfiltered words off the top of his head.

He is actually the character that baffles me the most.  He seems so simple but strangely enough I find his simplicity complex (and thus he’s very interesting).  He often unquestionably does things just because someone tells him to (examples:  listening to whatever his grandpa taught him and in filler eps listening to whatever Taopaipai tells him to do).  On the other hand, he often couldn’t give a crap about what you say or feel because he’s going to do what he wants no matter how much it hurts you.


He takes things SO LITERALLY (marrying Chichi just because he promised to even though he initially doesn’t want to - conflicting between two things he tends to do:  doing what he wants vs. doing what someone told him to do).  He can quickly understand physical concepts but doesn’t seem to understand or care about the emotional cues of others.  He has a difficult time picking up on or having interest in anything less than DIRECT and CLEAR communication.  Subtle verbal and emotional cues tend to be completely lost on him.




LOOK AT HIM SMILING GLEEFULLY OVER THIS AS BULMA STANDS STUNNED AND DISTURBED.  He completely ignores her expression, her tone of voice, and her words.  Still smiling as if she wasn’t upset at all, he changes the subject.  This can be seen as Goku being a bit of a creep but he GENUINELY JUST DOES NOT UNDERSTAND nor does he care to.

But this is only one side of Goku’s character.  He’s still a GREAT GUY AND A HERO.  He’s just a bit of a jerk on top of it all. 

All in all, I think Goku CAN be sexist and say some sexist things, but he’s an equal opportunity jerk.

22nd July 8:46 PM
Anonymous asked: where r u? ):

I got a new job, it is AMAZING, and while I usually give 110% to any job I have, now I am giving more than ever BECAUSE…

YEARS ago I had wanted this job but I thought it was IMPOSSIBLE for me to get so I gave up on it.  A little while ago, I applied for a position in another department (expecting something TOTALLY different than the job I work now) that was related to my past job.  Something happened to make my resume end up in the hands of the person in charge of THE EXACT JOB I WANTED YEARS AGO AND IT WAS OPEN.  HOW DOES THAT EVEN HAPPEN.  One day I got a phonecall asking if I was interested because they saw my resume.  HECK YES???  It’s like all the planets aligned, someone waved a magic wand and POOF HELLO MAGICAL JOB OFFER!  Only after I got the job did I get a gist of THE COMPETITION I WAS UP AGAINST FOR THAT POSITION.  AND.  WOW.  JUST WOW.  WHY DO I EVEN HAVE THIS JOB?  HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?  WHAT IS GOING ON?????

Because I am giving SO much of myself to this demanding job, I haven’t been spending as much time on Tumblr or the internet in general.  But I’ve been thinking about art a LOT.  When I finally settle down a little so I’m not so exhausted everyday after work, all I want to do is art every second of free time I have.

22nd July 6:47 PM


I decided to make you this much deserved award! 

Thank you so much, Mad Dog!  This was so sweet of you to make.  Let me just wipe this tear out of my eye… ;^; 

I love how Nyancat is flying out of Vegeta’s ear as if his head was filled with poptart kittens and one of them managed to escape.  And there’s Snoop Dog welcoming it into this brave, new world!

16th July 6:31 PM



Dragonball & Vehicles DAY 30
Son Goku and Piccolo

The last one, and how can I end this without paying homage to the best filler episode in all of Dragonball Z.

I hope you guys enjoyed this little series.  For me, it was an excuse to get me to draw some vehicles, while drawing characters that I love (well, maybe not all of them).  I’m sure I’ll make a book out of these sometime, but for now you can just view them on here.

Thanks again, and have a good day! ;D


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2nd July 11:37 PM
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2nd July 5:15 PM
Anonymous asked: What's the next thing you're gonna liveblog? :)

I did buy ALL of Sailor Moon recently.  I won’t start watching it right away because my new job is really intense (but fun!) and has been sapping most of my energy the last few weeks.  Also, I still have commissions to finish!

I haven’t been active much on Tumblr or the internet in general lately because of these things…

1st July 9:09 PM