thesunnychan asked: In the series Bulma doesn't really have any superhuman physical abilities, but do you think Vegeta has ever pushed her to the point of producing chi or could make her angry enough where she could actually form some sort of attack? I was always curious because she's an exceptional character and although she is undoubtedly one of the smartest in the series, she never really has any fighting scenes. I think it would be bad ass to see Bulma go bongos on bad guys.

What I want to see is Vegeta teaching Bulma about chi so she can FLY and he doesn’t have to keep catching her whenever she’s working on the newest spaceship model and fearlessly teetering on top of a 2-story ladder with 100 pounds of tools, soldering irons, and welding equipment strapped to her body.  Also, she’s an adrenaline junkie adventurist who is always looking for cool new things to discover in dangerous places and somehow always finds herself being chased by giant beasts 500 times her size.

Bulma is completely disinterested at first because she’d rather spend her time and brainpower creating machines that bend space, time, and reality itself and besides she’s always come out on top of sticky situations in the past so what’s the big deal?  Also, not being able to fly gives her an excuse to shamelessly cling to Vegeta in public whenever he’s flying somewhere, but she’s finally convinced when Trunks adds his unending, enthusiastic pleading for his mom to train with him and dad.  BIG FAMILY TRAINING ADVENTURE YES.

In the end, Bulma learns how to fly (but still shamelessly holds onto Vegeta with the excuse that he can fly faster than she can), is able to blow up any low-powered creatures that get in the way of her adventuring, and she becomes even MORE of a fearless adventurer who seeks out even more dangerous situations now that T-rexes chasing her holds no excitement anymore. 

Anonymous asked: Mei, AU is so much fun! You are right I can have so many AU's OF bumcha, gobul, and other couples!! WITHOUT CHEATING!!

YES!!  Let’s make over 9,000 Bumcha and Gobul AUs!!!  Because even though Vegebul and Gochi are super awesome that I’d NEVER want to infringe on them within canon, it’s fun to come up with “What if?” scenarios.

But yeah, cheating plots are ok sometimes, but are also kind of annoying and too dramarific.  Especially when one character (usually Chichi) is turned into some terrible villain all because Bulma and/or Vegeta want to bone Goku without guilt because obviously Chichi DESERVES to be cheated on???? 

I’ve had to deal with several guys irl who were all, “Aboohoohoo, my wife and/or girlfriend/fiance doesn’t understand me/she’s MEAN TO ME, and I’m THINKING of divorcing/breaking up with her (even though I never will) but it’s not very convenient right now BUT LET’S HAVE A RELATIONSHIP (SEX) ANYWAY RIGHT NOW cuz I’m a poor misunderstood soul who needs the love of a GOOD person in order to make me feel better about myself!  Ur such a nice person and only you can understand meee Abooohoooo!!” (seriously, do guys like these get together and talk about how to manipulate women into going along with their affairs, because they say SIMILAR THINGS????) but it just makes me wanna smack em across the face and call up the poor wife/girlfriend/fiance to tell her what’s going on because I FEEL SO BAD FOR HER because I put myself in the other woman’s position and GET SO MAD AT THE GUY. So when I see this in fiction I’m like HRRRGGGHHHHHH THIS IS NOT SEXY OR COOL.  IT’S ANNOYING, MANIPULATIVE, SELFISH, AND CRUEL.

Anonymous asked: Can you please explain AU to me in more detail and what it is. Also does the original canon world exist with AU too or no?

"AU" is short for "Alternate Universe." 

To give a canon example, think about how different Future Trunks’s world is compared to the “normal” timeline.  In Future Trunks’s AU, Goku dies from the heart virus, most of the characters die, and since Piccolo dies there are no more dragonballs on Earth to revive everyone.  Though this is the original timeline for Dragonball, Trunks’s future is an AU to us.  Because we follow another timeline.

In the “normal” timeline that we follow, Goku is saved from the heart virus thanks to Future Trunks changing the timeline.  Everything is DRASTICALLY different from the moment Future Trunks arrives from the future.  Our normal canon timeline is an AU in itself when compared to Trunks’s timeline (which is actually the ORIGINAL timeline). 

Any other non-canon AU is the same.  Just imagine some little thing that could change the timeline.  For example, Bulma and Yamcha NEVER break up.  There would be no Trunks (as we know him at least).  What consequences and effects would this have on Vegeta?  On the world?  Would he stay on Earth?  Would the Androids or Cell kill everyone without Trunks’s help?  This AU shares the same past as our original timeline so in that way the original canon world does exist, but at some point things become different and the canon world does NOT exist past a certain point. 

Some people like to take AUs a step further where absolutely NO canon exists at all.  You see these at lot in things like “High School AUs” where Goku, Bulma, Vegeta, Krillin, etc have led normal lives and are having high school dramas.  Aliens may or may not exist in these AUs.  Characters may or may not even have powers at all. 

I hope this makes sense.  ^^


So Madoka Magica is on Netflix and I decided it was time to watch me some good ol shojo magical girl anime and…

I’ve been fooled. 

NOSTALGICA IS WATCHING MADOKA MAGICA AND I AM EXCITED!!!!  (also, wow, I had no idea it was on Netflix!  Everyone, watch it!)

Anonymous asked: I would really like to know why you dislike assigning dominant/submissive roles.

All right.  I’ll give a little demonstration.  Imagine a couple.


They are two equal people.  Not completely the same, but equal.  They love each other, help each other, have their own individual strengths and weaknesses based on their own unique personalities, but neither feels overall stronger than the other in every way.

Someone comes along and asks me, “But who is “dominant” and who is “submissive” in this relationship?”  I don’t want to assign such a label on this couple (unless they actually ARE very obviously this way).  Why don’t I?  Let’s talk about what happens when we do. 

Upon shoving a couple’s relationship into “dominant” and “submissive” categories, suddenly assumptions are made about each person’s character, personality, and overall strength (physical and willpower).  No matter who you make dominant or submissive, suddenly you imagine this relationship as something where one person has more power over the other.  Often the “dominant” person will be labeled as the one having the most sexual aggression, having more power/strength, is always on the top during sex, assertive, more outgoing, extroverted, confident, and whoever initiates sex more often.  Even if the one being labeled “dominant” doesn’t have all those traits, you start shoving this character/person into that cookie cutter shape so they’d “fit the role”… or NEEDING to have all those traits in order to be a “true dominant.”

What’s left is needing to assign the other person as “submissive” (because relationships can only work if “a dominant” is with “a submissive”????).  Suddenly you assume all sorts of things about the “submissive” person.  Submissive is usually seen with traits such as being more reserved, less aggressive, more introverted, more emotional (and thus “sensitive” and “weak”), has less power/strength, self-conscious, is more apt to do whatever the aggressor wants (usually through being bullied, coerced, or forced because the submissive will always be overpowered), or is always on the bottom during sex.  Even if the second person in the relationship is nothing like this, they’re SHOVED and SQUEEZED into this role to suit this cookie cutter mold of how a relationship is “supposed” to work.

If both people in the couple is dominant, suddenly I’m not allowed to say that because “SOMEONE has to be submissive!”  By labeling two people who would otherwise be equal as “dominant” and “submissive,” there’s a POWER SHIFT.  Then at least one person in the pair is acting OOC because they’re being forced into specific molds and roles JUST to fit a VERY specific relationship model.

I see this a lot with Goku/Vegeta.  When Goku is labeled as the dominant, I’m USUALLY fine with how he’s portrayed, but Vegeta’s personality changes into someone who is OOC just so he can be squeezed into the “submissive” role.  You start seeing Vegeta with body language that suggests he’s self conscious, shrinking in on himself, and much shyer than he actually is.  His emotions (which he uses in the series in a very aggressive, dominant way) is used against him and he becomes this confused, hesitant, weeping mass of misunderstood tsundere.  Vegeta is THE PRINCE OF ALL SAIYANS who DEMANDS respect from everyone around him.  He is emotional, powerful, aggressive, and REFUSES to be tied down or shoved under someone’s feet.  He knows EXACTLY what he wants and he will KILL HIMSELF in the process to obtain it.  That is the ENTIRE POINT OF HIS CHARACTER.  He is constantly trying to rip out the throats of ANYONE who is better than him (Kiwi, Zarbon, Dodoria, Frieza, Goku) so there is no more competition on his climb to the top.

When I see Vegeta/Goku, Vegeta’s acting IC since he’s a very aggressive personality type, but since Goku is shoved into the “submissive” role, it’s THE SAME PROBLEM ALL OVER AGAIN and Goku’s the one acting OOC.  JUST.  NO.  Goku is JUST as aggressive as Vegeta in his INTENSE DESIRE to be the strongest.  Watch the few scenes where Vegeta and Goku interact one-on-one in the series.  Watch how they fight and how they speak to each other.  Do EITHER of them EVER back down, hesitate, or act submissive to the other in the middle of trying to beat the other down?  NO.  They are ALWAYS trying to one-up each other. 

I noticed most people tend to get Goku and Vegeta’s personalities IC as long as the two stay friends.  But once they’re in a relationship together, TIME TO START REARRANGING AND CHANGING PERSONALITIES.  Why can’t Goku and Vegeta be THEMSELVES without being shoved into relationship roles that are MUCH too small for their BIG personalities?  I see the same type of thing happening sometimes with Vegeta/Bulma and Goku/Chichi at times, and I REFUSE to assign dominant/submissive roles to ANY of these couples due to what assumptions begin to form whenever you do.  I find changing and tweaking character personalities just to fit some weird ideal of how a relationship works to be really silly (seriously, why is this “dominant” and “submissive” thing so prevalent??).  I mean, if you’re having fun with changing their personalities, that’s ok and you should have fun doing that, but to think that’s how relationships ALWAYS need to work and the ONLY way you can ship characters is this very specific, narrow way to the point where you have to change their personalities… I don’t get it and I refuse to play that game.

askcaptaintashigi replied to your post:Are there any ships you like that…

korin/yajirobe right

caveatdoujin replied to your post:Are there any ships you like that…

It’s Slug x Chiaotzu

I CHANGED MY MIND. Mrs. Brief x Pink Dildo Man. Preeetty sure I got it this time.

Korin/Yajirobe/Slug/Chioatzu/Mrs. Brief/Pink Dildo Man OT6 HOW DID U KNOW

I pretty much ship Pink Dildo Man with everyone.  He’s a total studmuffin.

Anonymous asked: Thank you precious being

I’m not sure what I did to get this nice message, but thank YOU, kind anon!


Anonymous asked: I find it sad how somebody called you a bad Vegeta fan simply because you call him out on his bad behavior. To me, I think you're one of the smart ones, because I think the bad fans are the ones who ignore a character's selfish behavior and criticize other characters for the same traits.

It’s ok!  There’s this prevalence I’ve noticed in fandom (not just in DBZ) that if you like a character, you have to like EVERYTHING they do.  If the evil character does something awful, disgusting, and evil, suddenly a million excuses pop up to twist that horrible act into some noble, pitiable, or sympathetic act.  While you do have to take background, environment, and influences into account, that doesn’t justify or somehow make every evil thing everyone ever does a GOOD thing.  There’s this attitude that no one should be held accountable for their actions (unless they’re good actions) because any negative action is never their fault and it’s always someone else’s fault.  That is totally one-sided, leads to finger pointing, and it completely ignores half of Vegeta’s depth of character including his motivations for doing what he does.

Even as late as the Buu Saga, Vegeta admits he enjoys killing and destroying people for his own benefit and that it puffs up his pride.  He is NEVER shown to have a single shred of guilt for this.  I can’t ignore that.

Despite all this, I still like him a lot and think he is one of the best characters in the entire series.  I can enjoy him like this because I know he’s not TOTALLY evil (and even during the times it DID look like he was all evil, I appreciated how much of an AWESOME and interesting villain he made).  He still does good and has a lot of heart regardless of the shriveled blackness that is his soul.  It’s an amazing feat in itself that he became as “stable” as he has.  But I will NOT excuse any of his evil actions just because I wish he was a better person than he actually is.

Anonymous asked: I really respect the fact that you want them to move out of Roshi's house. That's no place for a child like Marron.

YES.  Marron would grow up to be Nicki Minaj in The Creep.

These are some doujinshi pages I found left in my drafts when I scanned Vegeta and Raditz being bros for Nostalgica.  Raditz gives Vegeta his cloak.  :)  This isn’t the whole thing, but it seems to be part of an ongoing story where the Saiyans come to Earth and become good (even Raditz and Nappa)!  So as you see, they’re all wearing clothes that resemble Goku’s gi.  In this segment, Vegeta is recounting a time when he was hurt but was shown kindness by an alien race while he was working in Frieza’s army.

From the doujinshi HAHAHA!! by Takaramonoya, 1991