And a little birdie told me you like VegeBul?!?!

OMGOSH this is really cute!!  Thank you so much for scanning this!

17th October 5:33 PM
Anonymous asked: How old are you exactly?

No one knows. 


7th October 5:36 PM



I… I think I’m going to go die in a hole somewhere.  xDDD

Damn she just implied that Goku is ugly.



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2nd October 5:08 PM
kimirumai asked: dude your art kills me you gotta draw some abstract Vegeta stuffs pls it gives me life

Abstract Vegeta is SUCH a good idea!  Abstract DBZ in general would be fantastic!  Once I make more time for art, I’m totally doing this.  Thanks for the idea and suggestion!

28th September 7:20 PM
Anonymous asked: AU where Bulma takes the X from Goku and Vegeta's XY gender thing and makes a female pureblood saiyan that looks like Goku and Vegeta's love child.

So pretty much a female Vegito?


28th September 7:00 PM
Anonymous asked: I'm so glad to hear that you got the job of your dreams! I feel like its something along the lines of being A True Artist. Every tumblr users dream. We're gonna miss ya, but it fills me with joy to know Mei is Tru Artist now ;P

THANK YOU!!  Unfortunately, the job has nothing to do with art.  :’D  I am no Tru Artist and may never achieve the honor of being one!

Regardless, I’m still going to keep drawing for the rest of my life because I CAN’T STOP.  I’VE TRIED TO BUT IT KEEPS COMING BACK like some MIND PLAGUE and I get REALLY unhappy without it.

28th September 6:36 PM
hcdragoncat asked: I love how you have drawn Gine :3 OMG I LOVE IT SO MUCH. I am always looking for more Gine Art everywhere CUS i ABSOLUTELY ADORE HER AND BARDOCK XD. So thank you for drawing them and contributing to the very small pool of Bardine art I have been able to find and hoard over. XD I think I have a problem Cus I love these two so much xD. But thank you your art is amazing. ^.^ I hope you are doing well and I wish you a happy day XD. I'm so weird. :3. Thank you again ^.^

Thanks so much!  You’re not weird at all, you’re very sweet and thank you for sending me this message!  I really like Gine, too, from what little we know about her so far.  Bardine is my favorite couple in the series due to how open and content they are showing affection and closeness toward each other.  It’s also intriguing that the bond they share is uncommon for their species.

Life has taken over so much of my Tumblr and internet time, but I’d really love to draw them more and create fun little illustrated stories about them for Tumblr sometime soon (after my other obligations).

28th September 6:29 PM

I enjoy considering the possibility that Saiyans had sports.  Sports that were more complex than the fighting and wrestling matches that are obviously associated with these battle-hungry people.  Seeing as how Saiyans are often shown fighting in groups and especially pairs, I like to think they put value on teamwork due to the practical application it serves in their careers.

Of course most of the sports they’d enjoy would be XXTREME where players getting maimed or even killed would shock no one (no wonder there were only a few thousand people alive on their planet).  Some rules would seem ridiculous to an outsider because they coax players into as many life-threatening stunts as possible for no other purpose than to give them an outlet to express their love of bravado.  Other rules may even be surprisingly complex, as the games would have developed from a need to instruct future military leaders on battle strategies.

I also like to think that they enjoy extreme solo sports.  Like humans who enjoy jumping off cliffs and pushing the limits of their bodies, I like to think Saiyans enjoy doing crazy stunts like rocketing themselves into the vacuum of space just to hold contests on who can survive the longest, who can propel themselves closest to the moon as possible before succumbing to hypothermia or the bubble of ki-pressurized air around them is no longer breathable (if you turn Oozaru along the way, 10,000 extra points to you).  Then let’s fly our spaceships out as close to the sun as possible without your hair bursting into TOO many flames (the real reason Nappa became bald), but only bring enough fuel for a one-way ticket cuz lol you’re pulling the ship back to the planet out of the intense gravity of the sun by your own ki and if you faint from heat exhaustion, lol u dead, you weakling scum.

11th August 9:58 PM

More gif requests for poo189:  Goku attacking Freiza with a 20x Kaioken

5th August 9:49 PM

I’m doing more gif requests for poo189 and noticing that Goku is a beast.

5th August 9:29 PM